Face and Body Transformation needs?

We Can Help

• Do you have wrinkles on your forehead?
• Is your face getting droopy?
• Are your eyes getting sunken?
• Do you need an alternative to a surgical face lift?
• Do you need a rhinoplasty?
• Need an alternative to BBL?
• Need a more sculpted facial structure?
• Need an alternative to liposuction?
• Want a defined jawline?
• Want a defined lip border?

Why Brich Aesthetics?

We have an unrivalled reputation for both safety and quality and skills in everything we do for you, and we put patients at the heart in everything we do.


Certified Surgeon Dr. Bea and the whole Brich Aesthetics Team, are here to help you safely reach your #BODYGOALS


Our clinic is licensed to offer body and face remodeling, using InModes state-of-the-art RF technology.


We seek balance of shapes and naturalness in the results, with continuous monitoring to reach your #BODYGOALS


We’ll advise you on everything prior to the first treatment, and  support you with the length between each treatment.

What Is New At Brich Aesthetics

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