G shot

The G-Shot is a hyaluronan gel injection that increases the diameter and projection of the G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, a particularly sensitive and erogenous mass of tissue located along the anterior vaginal wall (between the vaginal opening and the urethra). Increasing the size of this erogenous zone can enhance sexual pleasure.

Sometimes called G-spot amplification (GSA), the treatment is similar to injecting the lips or other areas with hyaluronic acid or collagen fillers to increase volume and surface area of contact to enhance the orgasm response during sex.” It may particularly improve vaginal orgasms, since the G-spot becomes easier to locate after the procedure.

The G-Shot is different from the O-Shot, which involves an injection of the patient’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the vagina and clitoris not the G-spot specifically. The O-Shot is recommended more to treat mild urinary incontinence, but it can also enhance sexual arousal by boosting lubrication, which can lead to stronger orgasms. The two treatments can be complementary.

RealSelf Tip: To locate your G-spot, insert a finger upward into the vagina and curve it in a come-hither motion.

Benefits of the G shot


  • It may enhance vaginal orgasms or increase their frequency.
  • Many real self-members report positive outcomes and enhanced G-spot sensitivity.
  • Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body, dissolves in a few months—so if you don’t like the results, you aren’t stuck with them.
  • The G-Shot is believed to be a safe procedure that’s supported by many board-certified physicians.

What happens during the G shot Treatment?

  • First, you’ll lie down with your feet in stirrups (like a pap smear). Then your physician will locate your G-spot, with your assistance. They will mark the coordinates on a speculum, which will allow them to correctly position a small needle for an injection of local anesthesia.
  • After the anesthetic kicks in, they’ll inject high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid into the G-spot, to increase its width to the size of a quarter and its height to about a quarter of an inch.
  • From start to finish, the entire procedure will take about 30 minutes.

For most people the G-Shot doesn’t hurt, although you may experience a pinch during the anesthesia injection. You may also feel pressure when the hyaluronic acid gel fills your G-spot.

After your treatment, you may experience minor soreness or bleeding from the needle. Wear a tampon or sanitary napkin for four hours after treatment, to absorb any blood. You can return to normal sexual activity within four hours.

Real Self Tip: The G-Shot can’t treat sexual dysfunction; it’s used only to boost the experience of women with normal sexual function.

How long does the G shot treatment last?

Your G-spot will return to its usual size in about four months, though it can last longer, depending on the type of filler used and how much you get.