PDO Thread lift

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

Brich Aesthetics provide Polydioxanone Thread Lift procedures, more commonly known and abbreviated to PDO Thread Lifts.

PDO is the name given to the very fine threads that are used to help strengthen and tighten the skin, hence the name PDO thread lift. This is a new and very exciting treatment here in the UK. PDO threads have been used extensively in Korea and the Far East where they have been researched and used successfully for many years in aesthetics and PDO also has its roots based around the principles within acupuncture, which is also extensively used throughout Asia. The popularity of PDO threads in the far east may be due to the fashion, culture and desire for a more western looking oval shape to the face and it is this that has driven the rise in PDO threads in the UK too as we strive for crisper tighter jowls, jaw lines and an oval shaped facial appearance. PDO thread lifts are a very effective technique with two main modes of action, firstly the PDO threads tighten loose and lax facial skin redefining facial curves and contours and secondly, as the PDO threads dissolves this helps the formation of collagen which is essential for that youthful look and has a rejuvenating effect on skin.

Can a PDO thread lift be used safely?

Yes. The main ingredient of PDO threads has been used for many years in surgery in very delicate operations, such as those performed on the heart. You can be reassured that only Doctors and Registered Nurses at Brich Aesthetics Clinic will treat you today and that they are insured to treat you.

Which areas can I have treated with a PDO thread lift?

  • Upper and Lower Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Jawline
  • Jowls
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

What should I do before a PDO thread lift treatment?

A Face-to-Face Consultation with Doctor or Nurse is essential to determine whether PDO threads are the right treatment for you, this is your chance to ask Doctor or Nurse all those questions you have about the PDO thread lift treatment.

Are there any side effects with a PDO thread lift?

Yes, and remember that side effects can be good and bad and that all treatments have some side effects.

Commonly with PDO threads we can see some degree of bruising, there may be a period after the treatment that you experience some swelling too. Patients also commonly report a slight tightness or pulling sensation immediately after the treatment, but this soon subsides.

How long will a PDO Thread Lift last?

The very fine PDO threads will eventually naturally dissolve away after about 3 – 6 months, however the threads will have caused new collagen to be produced and that visual effect can still be seen from around 18 months and up to 3 years.

The dissolving process leaves the skin looking more youthful and these results are still visible and can be felt with patients reporting to us that their skin looks and feels smoother. We would advise that the treatment with PDO threads is repeated, about once or twice a year.

Why Choose PDO Thread Lift in Brich Aesthetics ?

  • We are pleased that you have chosen Brich Aesthetics Clinic for your PDO thread lift because you will be invited to attend a Consultation with a Doctor or a Registered Nurse
  • The PDO thread lift consultation will take about 45 minutes of your time and is offered Free of Charge because we think it is essential that you are well informed about this procedure. Its only by being well informed that you can you make the right choice for you
  • We will provide you with written information about the treatment, this includes what to do before a treatment and any after care instructions
  • During the consultation at Brich Aesthetics Clinic, we will inform you about the other options available to treat you and discuss frankly with you the risks and complications of a PDO thread lift treatment
  • Following the consultation, we think you should have time to think this procedure over and discuss your intentions with your friends and family, visit other clinics for information and request other opinions.
  • After the consultation for PDO threads there is no obligation to continue or undergo a treatment, we will not pressurize you and we do not use high pressure sales tactics
  • Should you decide to undergo a PDO thread lift treatment at Brich Aesthetics Clinic, the treatment will be performed by a doctor or Registered Nurse registered to practice in the UK and insured to provide the treatment
  • We will take Before and After photography and provide you with a record of your treatment this includes the Branded Name of the product used along with batch numbers for you to keep
  • Following a PDO thread lift at Brich Aesthetics Clinic we will want to ensure you receive an excellent Follow Up service from us and we will provide you with our Out of Hours contact details and review you at Brich Aesthetics Clinic at 2 weeks following the treatment.
  • Finally, we want you to be safe, but we also want you to be delighted with our service and products and we will ask for your comments on the service you had with us.