What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy?

PRP therapy involves injecting a concentration of platelets from your own blood into your body. Platelets are involved in normal wound healing and mechanisms like blood clotting. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy PRP has been referred to in the press as the Vampire Lift or Dracula Face Lift, made famous in the UK when it was included in the 2013 Oscar goody bag and Kim Kardashian tweeted a selfie of herself having it done. PRP gets its Dracula name because the treatment is given after a simple blood test. The blood sample is then spun in a centrifuge and the blood cells separate out. The very precious and special platelet cells are then given back to you via small injections into the skin. Platelets gradually encourage an increase in collagen formation which can then increase skin thickness and improve the overall look and feel of the skin.

Can Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP therapy be used safely?

Yes. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy was first used in 1987 in open heart surgery and today we see PRP being used safely in many medical and surgical specialities such as, aesthetics, sports medicine, urology and facial maxillary surgery.

How long do the results of PRP last?

Results are reported to last up to 18 months. The visual appearance is not immediatly apparent, it appears gradually over a period, up to about 6 weeks as collagen production increases. We would recommend a course of PRP of 3 or 5 sessions and with all treatments the results depend on the quality of the skin at the outset of treatment and good skin care maintenance.

Which areas can be treated with PRP?

  • Eyes – the skin of the eyelids and around the eyelids
  • Cheeks and Mid Face
  • Jawline
  • Neck and Décolletage
  • Hands

What must I do before Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP therapy?

We strongly recommend that you discuss your expectations and ask Doctor or Nurse any questions during a face-to-face consultation before this and any aesthetic treatment. We need to know of any treatments you may be currently undergoing and those you have had in the past, we will also want to know of any medicines you are currently taking and whether you have any allergies. Only Doctors and Nurses trained in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy should treat you.

What will I look like immediately after Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP therapy treatment?

This is a treatment that needs planning, it has some downtime, and you should factor that in when considering PRP, as you may not want to be out there and on show for a day or so. Swelling is a common side effect seen after Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and bruising may or may not be seen in the treated areas. These are normal side effects and normally subside within a few hours and within the first week after treatment.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP therapy treatment painful?

Let’s be frank, if you are worried or nervous about the blood test then you can sometimes experience more discomfort. Tell us if you want to go ahead with PRP but are afraid of needles, we are very experienced Doctors and Nurses and we are here to help you with any pain or discomfort and if you are needle nervous, just ask us about some of the relaxation techniques we use.